Ken Woisard

I am a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Commercial and Fine art Photography.

I visited Maine about 30 years ago, went home, packed my bags, and returned to stay within a week.

Early on I worked in the graphic art industry around Downeast Maine. At that time there was a lot of creative design work going on in the area. There was a top notch printing and design company and at least 4 advertising/design studios, and Woodenboat Magazine. Through my jobs in graphic arts I was able to connect with local design studios and started to work for them on the side. Soon I went out on my own. I bought an old schoolhouse which needed TLC but had lots of room for a studio. When I married my wife, Rebekah Raye, who is an incredible artist, she moved upstairs to my studio and I built a separate studio.

The advent of drones opened up a new and exciting field for me. I got my  FAA drone license in 2014.  The Downeast Area of Maine has many world class artists of all types who need professional photography.  I enjoy photographing any type of fine art, high end real estate and making beautiful pictures for my land trust clients.

Over time I have worked at all corners of the state and made many friendships with folks from all walks of life. I feel very lucky to be here in Downeast Maine and to be able to make a living doing what I love!